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HOW TO: Request reactivation of an employee account (Temporary or Permanently)
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ISSUE: User is an employee and needs to have their account reactivated. This could be for temporary access such as to retrieve emails or prolonged access if they are still associated with the university in an official capacity. SOLUTION: Regardless of whether the reactivation is temporary or permanent, we must have proper authorization from a supervisor to reactivate an account. The employeeand39s direct supervisor, department chair, or dean must email us with the following information: 1 Identification of themselves including position and username. 2 Identification of the employee to reactivate including username and XID. 3 Duration of the reactivation. Normally, the request for account access is a short time such as two months. If the department requests duration to be indefinite, then CCIT normally extends the account for one year. The department can request another extension at a later date.