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ERROR: Cannot install Microsoft Office on Windows 8 with a previous Office present
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ISSUE: User is trying to install a version of Microsoft Office onto a computer running Windows 8. This computer already has a trial or full copy of a previous version of Office including Office 365. This causes Clemsonand39s installer to fail. SOLUTION: The Microsoft Office installer can sometimes have issues handling previous versions of Office that are installed, including trial versions. To ensure this is not an issue, uninstall any copies of Microsoft Office before starting Clemsonand39s Office installer. To do this, see the following instructions. 1 First open the Control Panel. This can be done a few ways, the easiest of which is to go to the Desktop app, hold down the Windowskey and press the i key. This will open a menu on the right which has Control Panelas an option. 2 In the Control Panel, set View by:in the upper right corner to Small iconsif it not already. Select the Programs and Featuresicon. 3 A list will appear of all programs installed on the computer. Select any entries that sayMicrosoft Officethen select Uninstallat the top. Repeat this for any entries of Office. 4 Once you are finished removing previous copies of Microsoft Office, install the version provided by Clemson.