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HOW TO : Setup automatic replies for Exchange in Outlook 2010/2013 (Out of Office)
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These instructions only apply to Exchange accounts setup in Outlook 2010 or 2013. Exchange accounts can be setup to automatically respond to emails with a custom message. This is useful for users who need to notify anyone who emails them that they are away from the office. Replies can be also be setup differently based on whether the sender is a Clemson email account or not. To setup Out of Office replies, follow these steps: 1 Open Outlook at clickFILEin the top left. 2 ClickAutomatic Replies Out of Office. 3 In the window that opens, select Send automatic repliesto turn on the feature. When you would like to turn off the automatic replies, return here to disable it. You can enable this feature for only a particular time range by checking the box for Only send during this time range:. At the bottom of the window you can fill out the reply that will be sent to senders from Clemson under the tab Inside My Organization. The tab Outside My Organizationallows you to create a reply to senders outside of Clemson. Once the messages are setup, press OKat the bottom of the window.