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In Outlook for Windows, how do I add an attachment to an item or mail message?
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Follow the steps below to attach a file or mail message to an Outlook item e.g., an appointment request or email message. Attach a file to a message or item 1. Create or open the message or item to which you want to add an attachment. 2. Click in the body of the message or item, and then click the Insert/Attached File icon on the toolbar which, if present, looks like a paper clip. Alternatively, from the Insert menu, choose File... . 3. In the window that opens, navigate to the file that you want to attach. Click it once to select it and then click the Insert button. Alternatively, simply doubleclick the file. You can also click the down arrow beside the Insert button for a list of insertion options. 4. Back in the message or item, click either Send or Save and Close. Note: By default, Microsoft Outlook blocks certain attachment files such as those ending in .bat, .exe, .vbs, and .js that can contain viruses. You will be asked whether you really want to send a potentially unsafe attachment. If you click Yes, Outlook will send the attachment. Additional potentially unsafe attachments are blocked from delivery to Clemson University email accounts. Insert a mail message into another mail message or an item 1. Create or open the item or message into which you want to insert a message, and then click in the body of the item or message. 2. If Microsoft Word is your email editor, click the arrow next to the paper clip icon, and then click Item. Otherwise, from the Insert menu, select Item... . 3. Locate and select the message that you want to attach, and then click OK. 4. In a message, click Send in any other type of item, click Save and Close. This information was adapted from the help available within Outlook. To access Outlook help, from the Help menu, select Microsoft Outlook Help, or press the F1 key.