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HOW TO: Add Authorized Users to TouchNet (to pay student bill)
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In the situation that a person needs to log into your account to pay a bill, it is often preferred to only give them access to the bill paying system and nothing else. Our student bill payments are processed through a website called TouchNet. TouchNet has a feature to add Authorized Users that can access and make payments on the bill, but will not have access to any part of iRoar or other student system. This maintains the privacy of confidential student information. To add anAuthorized User, complete the following steps. 1 The Student should go to iroar.clemson.edu , selectCurrent students, faculty and staff, and log in. 2 Select Student Financial Servicesat the top and then click the TouchNetbutton below Fall 2013. 3 At the top of the TouchNet page, select the tabs My Accountand Authorized Users. Enter the email address of the user you would like to give access to, select whether you want them to see payment history, then click Continuewhen you are finished. 4 You will be asked to verify the agreement. Check the box that says I Agreeand print a copy of the agreement if you would like to keep a copy. When you are finished, click Continue. 5 The authorized user will then be sent two emails to the address entered in step 3. If these emails are not seen, make sure to check spam/junk folders. One will contain the username and the other will contain the password used to log in. Both will have a link to the login page. 6 When to authorized user follows the link in either email, they will go to a page with two login places. They should enter the username and password into the login field labeled Authorized Users. When they login they will be prompted to enter their full name and change their password. After this they will be able to make payments. 7 If the student needs to edit the information of the authorized user or delete their access, they can follow steps 1 and 2 again and select Authorized Usersat to the top of the TouchNet page. They will see a list of authorized users. There are options to edit and delete each of these.