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Why doesnand#39;t my name appear in the Exchange Global Address List, even though I have a valid CU email address?
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At Clemson University, if your name does not appear in the Exchange server Global Address List GAL, your address may have been temporarily dropped from the Exchange system during a record transition. Exchange Contact records are updated on a regular basis on data transmitted to the Exchange system from eDir. If your status with the university changes e.g., you change from being a student to being a staff member, then your data is removed from one database before it is sent and added to another database. If your records are not completely transferred when records are updated on the Exchange server, you wonand39t appear on the GAL. If your name doesnand39t appear on the GAL, check to see that you have a valid CU username by searching the CU Phonebook. Visit the CU Phonebook at: http://www.clemson.edu/phonebook/ If you have a valid CU username, you should have all email sent to your fully qualified CU address. For example, rather than having email sent to dvader , have it sent to dvaderclemson.edu .