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What is a BlackBerry, and how does it work?
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The BlackBerry is a wireless personal digital assistant PDA that can send and receive email and other data and browse the web over a cellular network. Most models also function as cellular telephones. At Clemson University, faculty and staff can subscribe to the BlackBerry Enterprise Server BES to synchronize their Exchange accounts with their BlackBerry devices. At Clemson University, the BlackBerry service consists of three parts: The BlackBerry wireless device BlackBerry Enterprise Server or BlackBerry Internet Service. There are two ways to manage synchronization. The first is the BlackBerry Internet Service which checks up to 10 ISP email accounts and delivers those messages to the device. The second is the BES, which works directly with the Exchange mail server and provides email, calendar, and contact synchronization services for a large number of users. At CU, CCIT recommends using the BES to handle synchronization. A Microsoft Exchange email account at any CU campus A BlackBerry receives email through the following process: 1. The Exchange account receives the message. 2. The BES/BIS looks in the email account, finds the message, and synchs it over the Internet to RIMand39s BlackBerry service. 3. RIMand39s BlackBerry service sends the message to the wireless data network. Examples of wireless data network providers supporting BlackBerry are ATandT, Sprint, and Verizon. The wireless data network provider sends the message in a wireless signal to the BlackBerry device. The BlackBerry receives the signal and displays the message/ syncs the data. A BlackBerry sends mail in the reverse of this process: the BlackBerry device sends the message to the wireless data network provider. The provider forwards it to RIMand39s BlackBerry service, which in turn sends it over the Internet to the user, passing through BES before it is delivered to the end recipient.