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Windows XP - eduroam wireless setup
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These instructions are for configuring wireless access to eduroam on Windows XP with Service Pack 2 or greater using the builtin wireless networking configuration utility. OpenNetwork Connections. The way to do this varies, depending on how your Windows environment is customized: In the default situation selectStart, thenControl Panel, thenNetwork and Internet Connections, thenNetwork Connections. If you use theClassic ViewofControl Panel, selectStartthenControl Panel, thenNetwork Connections. If you have theControl Paneldisplayed as a submenu from theStart Menu, one of the options will beNetwork Connections. If you are using theClassic Viewof theStart menuand theControl Paneloption is not shown selectSettings, then selectControl Panelfrom the submenu. From theNetwork Connectionswindow, doubleclick on your wireless network adapter this will probably be one of the icons, with the word and39Wirelessand39 somewhere in the text below it TheWireless Network Connection Statusdialogue box opens. If you are not connected to a wireless network you will already be at the next step. If you are already connected to a wireless network e.g.tigernet, as in the image below selectView Wireless Networks TheWireless Network Connectionwindow will open the exact title will depend on the name of the wireless network adapter you have in your computer If you see a list of available wireless networks, selectChange the order of preferred networksfrom the options on the left DO NOT selecteduroamfrom the list on the right at this point If a list of wireless networks is not displayed on the right hand side you may have a thirdparty wireless networking utility. You will need to follow the instructions for that instead you cannot follow these instructions any further unless you can disable that utility. TheWireless Network Connection Propertiesdialogue box will open, showing the list of configured wireless networks. Click on theAdd...button TheWireless network propertiesdialogue box will open, showing theAssociationtab which allows the settings for a new connection to be configured Complete the settings in this tab of the dialogue box as shown above: In theNetwork name SSIDbox, typeeduroamnote the lowercase and39eand39 From the dropdown lists fromNetwork AuthenticationchooseWPA2 fromData encryptionchooseAES Now select theAuthenticationtab at the top of the window DO NOT and39OKand39 the dialogue box at this point Complete the settings in this tab of the dialogue box as shown above: From the dropdown list selecting theEAP type, chooseProtected EAP PEAP. UntickAuthenticate as computer when computer information is available. Again, DO NOT CLICK and39OKand39 on the dialogue box but click on thePropertiesbutton under theEAP typedropdown list to open theProtected EAP Propertiesdialogue box: Complete the settings in this dialogue box: TickConnect to these servers, making the text field below availableandhellip ...in this box, entereduroam.clemson.edu From the list ofTrusted Root Certification Authorities, scroll down to findAddTrust External CA Root Tick the box next toDo not prompt user to authorize new servers or trusted certification authorities. The dropdown list underSelect Authentication Methodshould already haveSecured password EAPMSCHAP v2selected select theConfigure...button next to it to open theEAP MSCHAPv2 Propertiesdialogue box Untick the box next toAutomatically use my Windows logon name and password and domain if anythen selectOK SelectOKin theProtected EAP Propertiesdialogue box. SelectOKin theeduroam propertiesdialogue box. TheWireless Network Connection Propertiesdialogue box will now be displayed again. You can prioritize connecting toeduroamover other wireless networks for example, preferring it to tigernet, if more than one is available at any time, by selecting it in thePreferred networkslist and then using theMove upbutton to move it up the list and set the order of preference. ClickOKin theWireless Network Connection Propertiesdialogue box. After a short period of time, your computer should detect theeduroamwireless network and display a balloon, asking if you want to enter your details to connect to it Click in the balloon and a dialogue box will appear, prompting you for your credentials Complete the dialogue box using your Clemsoncredentials YourUser namewill be yourusernameclemson.edu YourPasswordwill be the your normal Clemson password ClickOKand, after a few seconds, you should see another balloon, confirming you are connected to theeduroamwireless network