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eduroam - Linux
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Linux eduroam HOWTO These instructions assume the Gnome desktop shipped with many common Linux distributions. To join eduroam with the Gnome windowing system you must configure the NetworkManager with an eduroam profile. When asked for your credentials provide yourusernameclemson.edu. Your password is your normal password used for Blackboard and iRoar. Creating an eduroam Profile 1. Visit https://www.eduroam.us/cacertificate . Right click and download the eduroamUS.rootCA.crt attachment. 2. Open the NetworkManager, select the Wireless tab and click Add. 3. In the dialog that appears change the Connection Name to eduroam. You may opt to check the Connect automatically check box. The SSID should be eduroam without quotes and the Mode should be set to Infrastructure. Next select the Wireless Security tab. 4. In the Wireless Security tab there are many settings to configure. In the Security dropdown box select WPA and WPA2 Enterprise. In the Authentication dropdown menu select PEAP. Leave the Anonymous identity box empty CA certificate: click the file icon on the right side of the widget and select the certificate you downloaded in step 1. Leave the PEAP version dropdown set to Automatic. In the Inner authentication dropdown select MSCHAPv2. Finally provide your usernameclemson.edu and password. Once you have finished press Apply. 5. After these settings are configured, you should be able to connect by pressing Connect in the following dialog. In the future you may connect via the NetworkManager icon in the taskbar.