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HOW TO: Managing Groups in Blackboard
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Currently there is not a way to sort the members of individual groups when managing group membership using the Edit Group function. However, there is a way to manage group membership and be able to sort the members according to Username, First Name or Last Name using a different Group tool. Navigate to the Groups page in your course as you normally would Course Management menu Users and Groups Groups and select All Users from the menu on the right side of the page. Once that page opens, scroll down to the bottom of the page and select the Show All button so that all students are displayed. If you dont do this you will have to click the Next Page button and resort the data again. Now scroll back to the top, click on any of the headings, Username, First Name, or Last Name to sort. Locate the student you need to work with. The last column shows the groups, if any, the student is part of. If you move your mouse a little bit to the right of that and a link will display. Click on that link and a little pop up window will display where you can select which group to add the student to. Just click on the group you want to add the student to, click on the submit button and the pop up will close and the student will now show as being enrolled in the selected group. Additionally, you can remove students from groups using this tool also. If you move your mouse over the group name a red X should appear. Click on the X and the student is removed from the group.