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SAS 9.2 Install on Windows XP or Vista without Novell
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When installing SAS 9.2 on a Windows XP or Vista system, use the Map Network Drive option to mount softwaregs05software to R:. Next, use the CUInstallTandR vbs script located in SASRestricted UseWin9.2 to perform the install. The install will run in quiet mode, so open Task Manager via CtrlAltDel and watch the CPU performance and for the process setup.exe. Once setup disappears and CPU usage drops to ProgramsSAS and run SAS 9.2 to verify. If you do not mount the correct path to the correct drive, the install will either fail or take an extremely long time to complete. This is because the install script references a location on the R: drive. If the location does not exist, it will still try to access it and will cause problems.