Lab Support Group (LSG)

The Lab Support Group (LSG) has a number of responsibilities across campus, relating to the maintenance and support of various computer lab environments. Some of these include:

The Standard Lab Image

The primary responsibility of LSG is to direct the maintennance, upgrade, and support of the CCIT computer labs running the Standard Lab Image. This includes all of the CCIT-maintained labs across campus and any departmental labs which run the Standard Lab Image. Any time you log into a computer which says "Clemson University Standard Lab" on the background, it is running the standard lab image and is directly supported by the Lab Support Group. There are over 1000 machines on campus, including technology enhanced classroom lecterns, running the Standard Lab Image.

Departmental Lab Support

LSG also provides technical support to various departments on campus who run their own computer labs which differ from the standard labs. This support includes technical instruction, along with troubleshooting, and research into various issues which affect computing as a whole. Many departments depend upon the technical support provided by LSG in order to function.

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