Loaner Policy

Vendors of PC/Windows laptops provide Clemson University with loaners based on a percentage of the recommended laptops the students purchase. The loaners are provided to be used by students while their model of laptop is being repaired. Loaners are not available for other purposes which includes software issues.  

Apple Corporation has declined to participate in the loaner program; therefore, there are no loaners available for Apple laptop users.

Loaners are not issued to students who have issues with non-recommended laptops. They are only issued to students who leave their laptops in the CCIT Support Center for hardware repairs.  Also, they are not issued to students who mail their own laptops to the vendor for repairs.

Loaner laptops are only provided after diagnostics have determined the problem to be a hardware issue that will be repaired by the CCIT Support Center. Loaner laptops are not provided in the case of software installs or re-images.

So that we will be able to keep loaners available to as many students as possible, we require students to return loaners within two days of when the student's laptop is ready. Since some students were not prompt in the return of loaners in the past, we had to implement a laptop checkout system where the loaner laptop will no longer function if not returned within the two days. Since we started using this system, most laptops have been returned promptly and we are better able to supply loaners to more students.

There are loaners available for the recommended Dell and Lenovo laptops.

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