Pre-Workshop Instructions

These instructions are only for non-recommended Windows laptops.  If you have one of the recommended Clemson laptops that came with the Clemson software image installed on it, do NOT proceed with these instructions!!!


It is recommended that you do these steps before leaving home to come to Clemson:

  • Complete all of your Windows updates. 
    • One way to do this is go to Control Panel, Windows Updates. 
    • For Windows 8 computers, from the modern start page, just type "Control Panel" and it will come up and you can click on it.  Then select Windows Updates.
  • Back up your data and leave a copy of the data at home or away from Clemson.
  • Run your antivirus program and antispyware programs to remove any viruses or spyware from your computer.
  • Clean up your data and programs.  Remove any data you do not need.  Remove any programs you do not need.
    • To remove programs, go to Start, Control Panel, Programs and Settings, highlight the program you want to remove, select Uninstall.
    • For Windows 8 computers, from the modern start page, just type "Control Panel" and click on it, then go to Programs and Settings and select the item, and click Uninstall.

Immediately before your workshop, (possibly that morning or the night before), it is recommended that you perform these steps:

  • Disconnect your computer from the internet and do not re-connect until you arrive for your workshop.
  • Remove all non-Clemson antivirus programs from your computer.  (Look for things like Norton, Symantec, AVG, McAfee.  If in doubt, Google the program's name.)
  • Remove any versions of Office that are not Office 2013 Pro - this includes MS Works, Student versions, etc.  During the workshop you will install Office 2013.


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