Workshop Links

Here are some links covered in Clemson Laptop Setup Workshops:

  • Policies - computing policies at Clemson - read what you agree to when you register your computer at Clemson
  • Netreg - a link to the page that shows you information on computers you have registered on the Clemson network (and allows you to un-register)
  • Clemson Google Apps - entry to Clemson Google Apps for Education which includes email - requires CU username and CU Google Password (30 GB of storage)
  • Clemson Email Forwarding - page that lets you request a Google Apps for education password or change your Google Apps password
  • Clemson Box - cloud file storage offering 50 GB to Clemson users
  • Clemson web downloads - another location to install some Clemson software
  • Clemson Adobe Creative Cloud - instructions to install Photoshop, Acrobat, Illustrator and/or many other Adobe products
  • PawPrints - a page that tells you how to use a Clemson network printer or plotter 
  • Clemson Mobile - or for complete information (you may install this app on your mobile devices!)- Clemson portal for Academics, Directories, Athletics, Safety, Maps and more!!!!
  • Wireless - information about eduroam wireless
  • Crashplan - a service that allows you to back up to your own external hard drive (free for your own device, there is a charge if you use their storage)
  • DropBox - a service that allows you 2 GB of data storage/sharing - free - NOT a Clemson site
  • Mozy - a service that allows you 2 GB of data backup (scheduled) - free - NOT a Clemson site
  • OneDrive - free 7 GB of data storage/sharing + free online MS Office apps - NOT a Clemson site (Microsoft)
  • Pandora - free, legal way to listen to music on your computer
  • Technology training - free instructor led classes or online self-help
  • Laptop insurance information - information about Safeware and other laptop insurance options
  • - a free antispyware option
  • New student computer information - information for distance education students, but helpful for all

2014 PowerPoints Used During Workshops

Mac Workshop Links

  • Mac Software Installer - go here to download Mac wireless installer, Mac Clemson licensed software, and/or Windows 7 dual boot on a Mac
  • Home Directory Locator - gives you the address of your personal network space (including your U: drive)

 If you misssed a part of your workshop or need a refresher, here are some video tutorials covering some of the steps of the workshops.

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