Workshop Links

Here are some links covered in Clemson Laptop Setup Workshops:

  • Policies - computing policies at Clemson - read what you agree to when you register your computer at Clemson
  • Netreg - a link to the page that shows you information on computers you have registered on the Clemson network (and allows you to un-register)
  • Clemson Central - click on Self Service tab to set up your Clemson password self service.
  • CU Safety - Follow the prompts to register for Rave Alerts for CU Safety which gives you text messages on your cell phone in the event of an emergency. (If you do not have a cell phone with text messaging, this is optional!)
  • Clemson Google Apps - entry to Clemson Google Apps for Education which includes email - requires CU username and CU Google Password (30 GB of storage)
  • Clemson Email Forwarding - page that lets you request a Google Apps for education password or change your Google Apps password
  • Advanced gMail - a nice video on using the advanced features of gMail
  • Clemson Box - cloud file storage offering 50 GB to Clemson users
  • Clemson web downloads - another location to install some Clemson software
  • Clemson Adobe Creative Cloud - instructions to install Photoshop, Acrobat, Illustrator and/or many other Adobe products
  • PawPrints - a page that tells you how to use a Clemson network printer or plotter 
  • Clemson Mobile - or for complete information (you may install this app on your mobile devices!)
  • Wireless - information about eduroam wireless
  • Crashplan - a service that allows you to back up to your own external hard drive (free for your own device, there is a charge if you use their storage)
  • DropBox - a service that allows you 2 GB of data storage/sharing - free - NOT a Clemson site
  • Mozy - a service that allows you 2 GB of data backup (scheduled) - free - NOT a Clemson site
  • OneDrive - free 7 GB of data storage/sharing + free online MS Office apps - NOT a Clemson site (Microsoft)
  • Pandora - free, legal way to listen to music on your computer
  • Technology training - free instructor led classes or online self-help
  • Laptop insurance information - information about Safeware and other laptop insurance options
  • - a free antispyware option
  • New student computer information - information for distance education students, but helpful for all

2014 PowerPoints Used During Workshops

Mac Workshop Links

  • Mac Software Installer - go here to download Mac wireless installer, Mac Clemson licensed software, and/or Windows 7 dual boot on a Mac
  • Home Directory Locator - gives you the address of your personal network space (including your U: drive)

 If you misssed a part of your workshop or need a refresher, here are some video tutorials covering some of the steps of the workshops.