Extended IT Services

The Extended IT Services listed below for Faculty and Staff are service offerings CCIT can provide in addition to its Base Services. Each option and the associated costs are negotiated through a Service Level Agreement.

Server Hosting:
We provide rack space in our data center machine room for your system. That also includes network, UPS and Generator services, system backups, server monitoring as well as Server Administration for the initial Operating System setup and continued OS support through OS updates and patches are included as well as assisting in troubleshooting system level problems. Application software installation and support is the responsibility of the customer or vendor. We do require each system be covered under a maintenance plan with the hardware manufacturer. The annual cost of this service depends on the service level you require.
Click here for Server Hosting.

Housed Server:
We provide rack space in our data center machine room for your systems. It also includes network, UPS and Generator services. But we do not provide any system support (no operating system installation nor OS maintenance, updates, or configuration). Those are the responsibility of the customer or vendor. We also do not provide monitoring services for your system.

We offer various storage packages in ranges from 100 GB to 1TB and above. There are three different Storage Support Levels available: Storage with no back up, Storage with back up for disaster recovery only or Storage with back up including individual file restores. Prices vary depending upon the amount of storage and the Storage Support Level chosen.

Backup Services:
We offer daily incremental back-ups, with full weekly back-ups. We use 2 redundant tapes for storage and there is a 6 week retention time on the data. This is typically only used for Disaster Recovery. So if there is a complete loss of a drive, it can be rebuilt from the last backup tape.

The Telecommunications Office is a campus provider of goods and services related to telephone, data, video, and security communications. Services provided include local and long distance telephone services, telecommunications equipment installation and maintenance, data network wiring, dial-up data services, cable TV and closed circuit TV wiring, voice mail, campus emergency telephone services, call assistance and information, publication of the University telephone directory, pager services, wireless telephone services, and fire and security alarm systems. Click here for Telecommunications.


For a cost etimate for services or more information, send email to Service Manager.

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