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Q. I've used up my Paw Prints funds for the semester. How do I add more money?

A. After your Paw Prints quota(s) have been used up for the semester, Paw Prints will attempt to charge your print jobs against your TigerStripe account. If your TigerStripe balance is empty, you'll get an error when you try to release your jobs about "insufficient funds." To add money to your TigerStripe account, go to After adding funds here, be aware that it can take a few minutes for that money to be available.

Your Paw Prints quota(s) will renew at the beginning of the next full semester (Spring, 1st Summer, or Fall).

Q. My Paw Prints quota(s) are empty. What do I need to do?

A. Quotas reset a few days before the first day of class each semester during Fall, Spring, and 1st Summer. The first print job you submit after this, your quotas will refill. The amount of these quotas will depend on your role or roles at the University.

  • Undergraduate students will get a $25.50 quota
  • Graduate students will get a $33.00 quota
  • Employees will get a $5.00 quota
  • Affiliates (visiting faculty, vendors, etc.) will get a $1.00 quota

If you have multiple roles, you'll have multiple quotas (e.g. an undergrad student who works on campus will have $25.50 + $5.00 in Paw Prints funds). If you are a freshmen or transfer student and if after submitting your first job, you don't see any of these quotas, make sure you have completed the student onboarding process at: If you have already completed onboarding and are still not seeing your quota(s), please contact for help.

Q. Where are the release stations located?

A. The on-campus printers and release stations are located:

  • ASC Lobby
  • Brackett Atrium (2)
  • Clemson House
  • Cooper Library 2nd Floor
  • Cooper Library 4th Floor (2)
  • Cooper Library 5th Floor (6, including 1 color)
  • Daniel Lobby
  • Edgar Brown Union Lobby
  • Edwards 2nd Floor
  • Hendrix 2nd Floor (2)
  • Holmes*
  • Hunter Lobby
  • Lee Hall Library
  • Lightsey Bridge
  • Lowry 11
  • Martin M1
  • McAdams 110
  • Sirrine G24
  • Stadium Suites
  • Tillman 2nd floor Media Center

There are also two off-campus release stations located at ICAR and Greenville ONE.

Click here for a map of current on-campus locations.

*Accessible by Honors College students only.

Q. Where can I print in color?

A. All Paw Prints printers are black and white except for printers located in:

  • Cooper Library 2nd floor
  • Cooper Library 5th floor (west side)
  • Edwards 203
  • Lee Hall (library)
  • Tillman Media Center

Q. How do I check my current quota balance?

A. You may view account details by logging into My Paw Prints. Print quotas are reset at the beginning of every semester (usually 1-2 days before the start of classes) but you will not see your account updated with the new amount until you submit your first print job of the semester. If the amount in your account looks incorrect after you have submitted a print job, please contact

Q. How do I view my account history for PawPrints?

A. You may view all account history through My Paw Prints History

Q. I need to request a refund.

A. Refunds are only issued when a system or hardware error occurs when printing.  Refunds are NOT issued for user error.  Please submit a refund request here.

Q. How long do I have to release my document(s) after submitting my print job(s) to the CCIT Lab Printers print queue?

A. After your print job has been sent to the print queue, you typically have 24 hours to go and release it to a printer before it is automatically deleted from the queue. You must then resubmit your print job(s) in order to receive the document(s). The holding period for other print queues may differ. Jobs on the CCIT Plot queues are held for several days.

Q. Why is my 23-digit department number not accepted when submitting to CCITPlotDEP 36 or CCITPlotDEP42?

A. Please validate your number using our Check Department Charge Number tool. Please make sure each component is correctly placed in your 23 digit string of numbers. The most common issues are with Project numbers. If you Project number is being flagged as incorrect, send an email to

Q. Why is my password not working?

A. Please verify that you are entering your password correctly. Password are CASE-SENSITIVE for our system. Most of the other, especially web-based, systems that students use frequently (including iROAR) are not case-sensitive, so it is possible to have uppercase or lowercase letters in your password and enter them incorrectly without receiving an error. Any upper or lowercase inconsistencies in your password in Paw Prints will result in an error when submitting a job. To verify that the problem is with your password and not Paw Prints itself, you test your password by logging into VPN is also case-sensitive, so if your login fails here as well, your best bet is to reset your password. Click here to go to the password reset page.

Q. Why is my print job not showing up when I log into a release station?

A. Please make sure you have submitted your job to the correct queue. If you are attempting to print your job using release stations on a public computer lab please make sure you submit your job to "CCIT Lab Printers" when selecting a printer. Often, when jobs submitted from laptops don't show up at the release stations, it's because of an issue with the Paw Prints client on your laptop - typically firewalls or anti-malware software preventing the client from talking to the print server. In that case, you will probably need to visit the CCIT Support Center on the 2nd floor of the Cooper Library to have the underlying issue fixed.

Q. Why do I recieve the error "An internal server error occurred.  The account could not be found" when I enter my username at a release station?

A. Make sure you have properly submitted your print job and entered your Clemson username and password correctly at the release station. If you have never used Paw Prints before, your account will not exist until you submit your first print job. If you have submitted a job and still aren't able to log in, there may be issues with the Paw Prints client on your laptop. If you continue to have issues, please contact and specify whether you got the error when swiping your card or logging in with your Clemson username and password, as these can indicate different types of problems.

Q. My new Tiger1 card is not working at the release stations.

A. If you recently acquired a new or replacement Tiger1 card, you will have to submit a new print job before your new card number syncs to our system. You should also be able to log in manually at any time to print your job. If you've submitted a job since getting your new card and continue to have issues, please contact

Q. How long do I have to pick my plot up?

A. Turnaround time on plots varies during the semester. Typically, your plot will be printed out and you will be notified that it is ready for pick-up within hours of submitting it. However, during busy periods, like exam weeks and mid-term, turnaround may be a full 24 hours. Once you have recieved an email notification stating that your plot is Ready for Pickup, you have 30 calendar days to retrieve it before it is discarded.  

Q. How do student clubs and organizations get printing accounts?

A. Student groups and organizations will be required to provide funding for all printing. Clemson University Student Government has approved this policy and will work with Student Organizations to allocate funds necessary for organizational printing needs. To obtain a printing account:

  1. If you don't already have one, your organization will need to get a network account set up with CCIT. If your organization doesn't have an account already, you're not sure, or you need to reset the password for that account, you can send an email to
  2. Once you have a username and XID for your network account, you will have to fill out an Organizational Printing Account Form. This form is available on OrgSync here: You'll need to fill in your organization's username ("Novell Username") and have the form signed by both the president or your organization and the Associate Director of Student Clubs and Organizations, Wendy Marshall.
  3. You can apply for up to $200 from Undergraduate Student Government to cover printing expenses for your organization. Contact Demetri Kotiadis, USG Treasurer, at for details on requesting these funds.
  4. A representative will need to bring a hard copy of your signed Organizational Printing Account form and an IDO (Inter-Departmental Order) to the Tiger1 Office located in the Hendrix Student Center. Tiger1 will create an account and contact CCIT with your new account information, where your funds will be tied to your organization's network account. You should get a confirmation from CCIT when this is complete (usually within a few hours of receiving the account intormation from Tiger1).

Student organizations have the ability to be allocated Student Activity Fee funds from Student Government to reimburse printing expenses. Please note that organizations will still have to abide by the above two steps for any allocation made by CUSG. If you are allocated SAF funds by student government, then you must obtain a receipt for the printing through the organization's account on the Tiger1 website and complete a form in order to be reimbursed, which the Student Body Treasurer will give you. If you have any questions or would like to request SAF funds for printing expenses, please contact the Student Body Treasurer.

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