Mobile Printing

Mobile printing is now available to users of Paw Prints. You can submit mobile print jobs from any email client or web browser. There are four email addresses associated with Paw Prints Mobile:
Emails send to this address will format your print jobs for release in black and white. Color attachments or color content in the email message itself will be rendered in black and white.
Emails and email attachments sent to this address will be rendered in color.
Emails and email attachments sent to this address will be rendered in black and white and will print double-sided if released from a printer with that capability.

If your email submission includes an attachment, the attachment will be submitted as a print job. If your email has no attachment, the body of the email will be submitted as a print job. Click here for a list of supported attachment types.

If you haven't submitted a job to Paw Prints Mobile before from this email address, you will need to follow the link in the confirmation email you receive to My Print Center and log in with your Clemson username and password. *You will need to do this with each new email address you submit print jobs from.

registration email

In My Print Center, you can check your balance (My Funds), past printing history (Activity), and upload, preview, and release your jobs to printers.

My Print Center

Job cost is calculated based on the type of printer selected (e.g. black and white or color). Search for a printer by typing the building name into the Destination search box in the lower right-hand corner. Black and white printers will charge at the rate of $0.05 per sheet (single- or double-sided). Color printers will charge at $0.10 per printed page.

printer live search

Printers are available in these buildings:

  • ASC
  • Barre
  • Brackett
  • Clemson House
  • Cooper Library
  • Daniel Lobby
  • Edwards
  • Greenville ONE
  • Hendrix
  • Holmes Hall (Honors College)
  • Hunter
  • ICAR
  • Lee
  • Lehotsky
  • Lightsey Commons
  • Lowry 11
  • Martin M1
  • McAdams 110A
  • Sirrine G40
  • Stadium Suites
  • Union Lobby
  • Vickery

When you're ready, you can release your print jobs either by logging into a conventional Paw Prints release station or via My Print Center. You'll receive a confirmation of the charge when you click Print.

job release cost confirmation

iOS App

If you're using an iOS device, version 1 of the Pharos Print app will allow you to preview your queued jobs, your available funds, change the number of copies associated with a job, and change a job's properties (like black and white vs. color). Download the Pharos Print app free of charge from the Apple App Store.

When prompted for a print server and port, use and 443.

Pharos Print App initial configuration   Pharos Print App login

Your queued print jobs and current total funds (Paw Prints quota(s) and Tiger1 funds) will be displayed.

Pharos Print App job list

Click on a job to preview it.

Pharos Print App print preview

On the preview page, you can also change the number of copies, duplex mode, and color properties associated with that print job.

Pharos Print App - changing copy count

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