Supported Attachment Types

The types of documents you may attach to an email submission are:

.doc .dot .docx .rtf
.xls .xlt .xlsx .xltx .xltm .xlsm .csv
.ppt .pptx .pptm .pot .pps .potx .ppsx
.vsd .vss .vst .vdx .vsx .vtx .vdw
.jpg .jpeg .png .bmp .gif .tif
.txt .mht .eml .ini .cfg

Notice that HTML is not a supported document type. When submitting jobs from Google Docs to Paw Prints Mobile, click "File" > "Email as Attachment". The default attachment type is HTML. Change this to PDF, Rich Text, or Microsoft Office document for best results.

screenshot of Google Docs Email as Attachment dialog with non-HTML formats available