CCIT Plot 36 Driver Instructions

Basic Setup

The driver properties window initially opens on the Basic Setup property page.  First we must change the paper size. The default is 8.5" x 11" - a size rather inappropriate for a device printing on 36" paper. Here you must click the tab that says [Custom...] to set your custom paper size. 


Selecting this will open the dialog box below.  Next, you have to give a "Name" to your new custom paper size.  In the "Name" feild just add any amount of unique characters that you will remember for future printing on the same size paper.  (i.e.- Custom"width"x"height") and then click the [Save] tab.


Next, enter the Width and Height that you wish your plot to be. Understand that at least one dimension must be no more than 36, because that is the size of the paper. The other dimension can be more or less, depending on the scale of your plot.

Once finished entering the correct paper size, select [OK] to return to the previous dialog box.


Next make sure that the custom paper size you just created is selected from the drop down menu.  Press [OK] to return to the original print dialog box and you are now set up to print.


NOTE: After you submit the print job your PawPrints login steps will begin.  See below for instructions.  Also there is a timeout period for this process so if the PawPrints steps are not followed, then the job will never make it to the print que.  The job is not actually sent until the PawPrints steps are completed.



PawPrints Login

After selecting "Print" the following dialog box will appear for you to log in to your account.  The first field(optional) is the name of the job.  The second field is to log in using your Clemson University Username.



Next enter in your password.  This password is the same University password associated with your Username login information.


The final screen that will appear will be your Account Information screen and Job verification.  To accept the charges please select [OK]


If you do not select [OK] then this job will dissapear and to print it you will have to go through all of these steps again.