Open the File menu and select Plot...

file plot 

The following dialog box will appear. Under the Printer/plotter section, browse through the list of available printers to select  Plot36 or Plot42. If the desired printer cannot be found in the list, follow the corresponding instructions given at the Installation Page. Afterward, click on Properties to continue the configuration.

 plot setup

Plotter Configuration Editor I

Once the following window appears, click the Custom Properties... button.

custom properties

Once you click on the Custom Properties button, the Printer Driver's properties dialog box should appear. At this point, consult the corresponding Printer Driver Instructions in order to properly set the paper size, orientation, and other options. Once finished with that portion, return here to complete the printing process.

Plotter Configuration Editor II

The previous procedure should have returned you to the Plotter Configuration Editor window. Verify that Source and Size now shows the correct paper dimensions. Select OK to exit the dialog and proceed.

plot properties 

AutoCad will desire to know your preference in saving the configuration changes. The default option (Create a temporary PC3 file) should suffice, so select OK to continue.

config changes

Final Steps

Once the focus is returned to the original Plot dialog, you will need to customize several settings. Verify that the Fit to paper option is set according to your wishes, and also check the Plot area setting to ensure the plot is created appropriately. As soon as you are satisfied with the configuration, select OK to spool the job to the printer's queue. If AutoCad detects any errors, it will cancel the printing process and notify you, the user, with a popup in the lower right hand corner of the screen.

final setup

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