Photoshop CS3

Document Preparation

Prior to beginning the print process, determine the physical size of the document. Select Image -> Image Size... to display the appropriate dialog box.


Printing Instructions

Page Setup

Open the File menu and select Print....





The following dialog box should open, displaying a list of available printers. Browse through the list to select Plot36 or Plot42. If the desired printer cannot be found in the list, follow the corresponding instructions given at the Installation Page.



Once you click on the Page Setup button, the Printer Driver's properties dialog box should appear. At this point, consult the corresponding Printer Driver Instructions in order to properly set the paper size, orientation, and other options. Once finished with that portion, you should be back to the previous dialog box, where you can select OK to continue with the printing process.




After completing the necessary page setup, you should be ready to print. Select File -> Print... to continue.




At this point, you can customize various settings, such as image positioning and scaling, to effect the desired layout. For this example, the Scale to Fit Media option was selected (below) to keep the printed image within the printer's margins.


When you are satisfied with the print setup, click Print  to continue.

Final Step

The following dialog will appear, and you may select Print to spool the job to the printer's queue.


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