Publisher 2010

Before You Start

In order to print to the plotters you must be logged into the Novell Network with your Clemson University username and password. If you are a student you are able to plot to CCIT PLOT 36 or CCIT PLOT 42. If you are an employee you can choose between  CCIT PLOT 36 or CCIT PLOT 42 to use your employee tigerstripe funds, or you can use the CCIT PLOT DEP 36 or CCIT PLOT DEP 42 for submitting account code for department charge.

If you have not done so already, read the Plotting FAQ. Any problems encountered while plotting can be handled by Campus Operations.

Preparing the Document

Once you have the Publisher document opened, before you begin editing it you need to set it to the correct dimensions to be plotted. To do this go to:

Page Design Tab -> Page Setup

Here you will enter the dimensions, width and height, that you wish the project to be printed.

Page Setup

Upon clicking this arrow the following box will appear:

Page Setup


Now you may customize the project to what you want it to become.

Printing the Document

Once you have completed your document and are ready to print navigate to:

File -> Print

Here, choose the plotter that you wish to print to.



Once you have chosen the correct plotter, click the properties button. Now go to the Printer Driver page for instructions for each plotter, as each one is different.

Once you have completed the printer driver setup, click print.

Pharos Submission

Upon clicking print, a dialouge box should appear ressembling the one below.


Fill out the name of the plot job (optional) and your Novell Username (Clemson username), and then click "Next."

Another dialogue box will appear (shown below).


Insert your Clemson password in the given space, and then click "Print."

 Shortly after selecting print, you should see another dialogue box (shown below) confirming the charges and dimensions of the plot job.


*Note: If the charge is less than $1.00, then more than likely you have submitted your plot incorrectly. You should pay attention to the dimensions listed in this box as they will allow you to confirm that it is printing out in the correct size. If the dimensions are not what you desire, then click the "Cancel" button and check the setup of your plot.

Once you have accepted the charge, your submission is complete.

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