Basic Instructions

The instructions contained herein were created for the explicit purpose of providing the experienced computer user with a set of basic, generalized steps to plot properly. These instructions are to serve as a guide for plotting from most software packages and are not in any way meant to serve as plotting instructions for a singular program. If you are looking for detailed plotting instructions for a specific software package, please return to the Plotting How-to's section.

  1. The first step in plotting is to set up the application page size. This is generally accomplished by selecting Page Setup from your application's main drop-down menu. In the page setup, alter the default page size (which is usually 8.5"x11") to the size you want your poster to be. Click OK when finished.
  2. With the application page size set, you can now design your poster.
  3. If you are ready to print your poster, choose Print from the main drop-down menu. A window will open. (For Office 2007/2010 users select File and Print tab).  Choose a plotter (Students: CCIT Plot 36 or CCIT Plot 42 based on desired paper width; Faculty/Staff: CCIT Plot Employee 36 or CCIT Plot Employee 42). After choosing the plotter, click the Properties button.
  4. The next step is to set the custom page size for your plot in the print driver. In order to do this, you need to change the driver page size by clicking on More Sizes or selecting Edit Paper List  from the drop-down menu of paper sizes or selecting the Custom... tab under Paper sizes (which method you use depends on the print driver installed and which version of Microsoft Office you are running). After making your selection, a new window will open.
  5. In this new window you should see the custom page sizes. You want to type in the size of your plot, remembering to add on additional units to account for the plotter margins. Click OK when finished. Continue to do so until you return to the first print window (where you chose the plotter).
  6. Click the Preview button, if available (Office 2007/2010 users will automatically see a preview on the screen). If so, check to make sure that your plot's edges are not clipped. This should be visually obvious if it has occurred. If you are satisfied with how your plot is setup, proceed to print your file.
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