Before You Start

If you have not done so already, read the Plotting FAQ. Any problems encountered while plotting can be handled by Campus Operations.

Note: These instructions assume that you are printing to Plot03, Plot36, or Plot42. Accordingly, one of these printers must first be installed on the machine from which you are working in order to follow these instructions verbatim. If printing to Plot03, we suggest working from a CCIT Lab. Otherwise, if the machine from which you are working is in need of plotter installation, please consult the instructions given at the Installation Page or contact your college consultant for help.

Furthermore, do NOT use these resources unless you are aware of the plotters' margins, which DIFFER between Plot03 and Plot36/42. Ignorance results in a waste of paper and ink, but individual awareness helps keep printing services on campus free to Clemson's users.


Generally speaking, the process of printing to a large-format printer is simple and can be summarized quickly. One can, however, become quickly lost in the process of setting up a plot without first reading this documentation.

All users with a Novell username are authorized to print to a queue entitled Plot03. Reading through the short summary presented below will adequately familiarize you, the user, with this plotter. Additionally, employees of the university may submit jobs to two (2) additional print queues: Plot36 and Plot42. Both queues are managed by a single plotter, also summarized below.

Resource Information

Plot 36/42

The printer which services these queues boasts an impressive six-color ultraviolet resistant ink system as well as a capacity for meeting very high standards of print quality. When supplied with proper media, the HP DesignJet 5000PS can astound the most demanding user with highly realistic photography and professional digital artwork. Since the plotter supports up to 42" paper, two queues exist, each representing the output format desired by the user. In other words, artwork intended for 36" paper should be submitted to Plot36, whereas that which is intended for 42" paper belongs on Plot42. Please familiarize yourself, the user, with the following information regarding this resource:

  • The plotter has rather large asymmetric (unequal) margins, displayed by the graphic below. During the printing process, Windows® supplies the application (e.g. PowerPoint) with the dimensions of the plotter (i.e. the area formed by the margins indicated below). For proper plot printing, your plot should be designed to fit within these margins. As a result of the plotter margins, artwork may appear slightly offset whenever printed.
  • As a rule of thumb, simply allowing for 1" and 2" extra on the dimension spanning the width of the paper and the dimension running the length of the roll, respectively, should prevent any artwork from getting clipped.

Margins 5000

  • The logic regarding your plot's orientation (Portrait or Landscape) follows the same guidelines as do regular printers.
  • At this time, jobs submitted to Plot36 are printed on HP Bright White Inkjet paper, which fails to produce the pleasing output quality provided by our 42" paper (HP Heavyweight Coated Paper). This may change, but take note of the vast difference between the two.
  • Maximum paper size for Plot36 and Plot42 is 3 ft. x 150 ft. and 3.5 ft. x 100 ft. respectively.
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