Printing How To

To Print From a Lab Computer

To Submit Job

  1. User selects print from the document menu.

  2. On Print Page, default printer will be CCIT Lab Printers.

  3. If needed, user may change some printer output settings.  User may select duplex (two-sided) printing on all CCIT public lab printers.

  4. Select [Print].

  5. Pop-up window will ask user for Job Name (optional) and Username.

  6. The next window will ask user for their Clemson password (note: this is case-sensitive).

  7. If printing to a queue other than "CCIT Lab Printers," the final screen will show the details of the print job.

    • The user will be made aware of their current PawPrints quota and how much the job they are about to submit will subtract from their quota.

    • If the user chooses to accept these charges they can select "Accept Charges" to submit their job or "Cancel" to cancel the job and their account will not be charged.

To Release Job

  1. At PawPrints release station user will swipe card.

  2. All available jobs will be displayed on screen.

  3. User will select the job they would like to print and select "Print".

  4. Job will be immediately submitted to corresponding printer.


 * If a job is not printed from the PawPrints release station for more than 12 hours after the user has submitted it from their computer, the job will be deleted from their Pharos Queue and cannot be printed from release station.  It must be re-submitted.

* Final charges do not apply until the user has released the job from the PawPrints release station to the printer.


To Print From a Personal Computer

To Install Printer Drivers

View our Installation Page. When you have completed the download and saved it to your computer, follow all of the above steps to submit and release your print job. 

There is one important note when sending from a personal computer: The user must be connected to Clemson's network to be able to submit a job to their PawPrints queue.

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