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We often receive questions about what we define as "supported" and "unsupported" software. Here are five terms we use to define our labels for software support:

This option is strongly encouraged and is considered the best option for most users. Directions and resources have been geared to offer the highest level of support for this option.

There are adequate resources and support to resolve most issues. There are often limitations to this support and cases were products may not be supported (i.e. running Peoplesoft on Windows NT).

Limited Supported
Many groups will try to resolve newer issues they haven't seen but beyond that, little or no support is provided.
Note: The general rule is that we will work for up to one hour to resolve a "new" problem in this category.

Install Only
CCIT will only install the necessary software but will not assist with development or daily usage.

Not Supported
There is no support or resources with this option.

For current recommendations, please contact the CCIT Support Center or (employees) your college consultant.  You can either e-mail, call (864) 656-3494, or come visit us in person. The Support Center is located on the second floor of the Cooper Library. Hours vary by time of the year.

See the links on the left for more operating system-specific recommendations.

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