Office 2010/2011

Office 2010 takes the basic system/features of Office 2007 and adds several drastic improvements and new features as well as upgrading its performance and responsiveness. Clemson has a Campus Agreement in place which covers Students, Faculty, and Staff as long as they are associated with the University.

Office 2010 media is available for purchase at the Clemson University Apple Store.

Office 2010 uses MAK and KMS activation. Office 2010 software is available on the Software Repository.

Known Issues with Office 2010

  • Outlook 2007 and 2010 cannot exist on the same computer.
  • We recommend using 32-bit even on 64-bit machine due incompatibilities with plug-ins.
  • Using the 32-bit is better if you want to install Oracle ODBC drivers.
  • If you are using Visio or Project you need completely uninstall them, install Office 2010, and then reinstall those applications.
  • There are updates for 2010 you need to install; be sure to run Microsoft Update to get them.
  • There is a known issue with images if you uninstall Office 2007 and then install Office 2010 – there is a hotfix from Microsoft you can use should you encounter an issue where the image will not load/deploy.

    If you or your users are having problem installing Office 2007 updates with System Center, try installing this update:

Known Issues with Office 2011

  • There is a known issue with IMAP and Google. Check Google's site for the steps to connect.
  • Outlook uses a different storage method for email. If you attempt to manually remove the email from the default storage location, instead of a database rebuild, be sure to remove the ENTIRE Main Identity folder. Failure to do so might result in data loss.
  • There are at least two major updates for 2011, which you need to run to correct problems. Go to the Help menu and Check for Updates to get them.
  • Beware of managing large numbers of messages in Outlook. Users should archive regularly.
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