Windows 7

Windows 7 takes the basic system/features of Windows Vista and adds several drastic improvements and new features giving it the performance and responsiveness of Windows XP. Clemson has a Campus Agreement in place which covers Students, Faculty, and Staff as long as they are associated with the University.

Media for Windows 7 can be purchased at the Clemson University Apple Store.

There are limited compatibility issues with some programs.  Windows 7 includes IE 8 which may not be compatible with all web applications. Also, be aware that drivers are not available for all printers.

Windows 7 Application Compatibility Matrix

Service/Software Name Current Compatibility Assessment
No Issues Reported


Active Directory




    ESRI has announced that ArcGIS 9.3 has not been certified for Windows 7, and no announcements will be made until after the official release date of the operating system to the public in October. The software does install and appears to run without any issues.
    The Blackboard Learn platform is compatible with IE 8.
Cascade Content Mgmt. System (CMS)


Most functions work properly, but web pages do not render correctly in the View screen, even in IE8 Compatibility Mode. Pages do publish properly, however. We recommend running Cascade within Firefox until this issues is corrected.


iPrint   X


We expect wider availability with commonly-used printers, some older printers may not be serviceable with Windows 7. In particular, non-Microsoft signed drivers (like Kyocera drivers) may have to be installed on the local machine before the iPrint queue is added. We recommend finding out whether drivers exist for your printer(s) before making the move to Windows 7.


  X Logitech webcams that use the older QuickCam software package will not work with Windows 7. Newer models that use Logitech Webcam Software (LWS) will work under Windows 7.






    All functions of R2009a should work properly, and full Windows 7 support should be officially announced with the release of R2007b by October.
NDPS printing    


NDPS printing does not work on Windows 7. Users will either need to direct IP printing or use iPrint (see iPrint).
Novell X  


A Novell client for Windows 7 is now available on the software volume.
OnBase X  


Oracle X  


Requires Oracle 11g release 2. See here for information on which versions of Windows 7, Microsoft Office, and Oracle to install together.
Peoplesoft X  




    SAS 9.2 TS2M0 is the current release, and installs and appears to run on Windows 7. Users may have limited functionality, but there are no specific known issues. The main issue is likely going to be with technical support, which is provided by SAS. Since SAS does not yet support Windows 7, users may not be able to receive technical support.


X   Because Skillport uses Adobe's Flash Player (for which no 64-bit client exists), Skillport must be run in 32-bit Internet Explorer. 32-bit IE is included in Windows 7 64-bit.
Software Drivers


X   Older hardware may not have supported Windows 7 drivers: we have some indications that Lenovo and Dell will not be supporting Windows 7 on older Laptops. Research by Laptop Support shows that Lenovo Models T-60, T-60p, T-61 and any D-series Latitude Laptops are affected by this issue. This doesn’t mean Windows 7 won’t work on those laptops but it means there are not officially supported drivers for Windows 7. Generic, Vista, and unsupported drivers may be used in place. We have confirmed this with the vendors.


    SPSS 17 is not supported on Windows 7, but it appears to operate normally.  
Trend Micro


X supports Windows XP, Vista, and 7. However the 64-bit Cisco AnyConnect VPN client must be download manually and installed.
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