Cleaning Up Your System

You are returning to Clemson after a break and you are eager to get to work. But if your system is not up to par, you will lose a lot of productivity time fighting slowness and other odd behaviors. Here's some steps to help clean that machine up prior to starting a semester. In fact, it's a good idea to do most of these on a monthly basis.

Install Those Windows Updates

Microsoft releases critical updates on a monthly basis. If your system hasn't been online in awhile, it's likely that you are missing a few. This is the easiest way to fall victim to a virus attack so make sure you don't skip this step.

Check for Updates

  1. Launch Internet Explorer (Must use this browser).
  2. Go to Tools -> Windows Updates.
  3. Choose Express for the simplest install.
  4. Install ALL critical and High-priority updates.
  5. Reboot system if prompted at end of install (important).

Setup Automatic Updating

  1. Go to Start -> Control Panel
  2. Click on Automatic Updates
  3. Choose Automatic, Every Day, and a time that you know your system should be on.

Note: If you miss the scheduled time, Windows will check for updates at next boot up.

Scan your system for Viruses

Worst way to start a semester is with a make sure that's not the case! If you don't have Trend-Micro or you have an Anti-Virus that isn't updating, see our Solution Guide for instructions on installing Trend-Micro.

Check for Trend-Micro Virus Definition Updates

  1. Right click on the blue globe in the bottom right corner of your task tray.
  2. Choose Update Now.
  3. Choose Update Now on the update screen.
  4. You should receive a message stating that Trend has been updated.

Scan your System

  1. Right click on the blue globe in the bottom right corner of your task tray.
  2. Choose OfficeScan Console.
  3. Click on All Fixed Drives.
  4. Click on Scan
  5. If a virus is detected, let it do the default action requested.

Scan your system for Spyware

The recommended application for checking for spyware is Trend-Micro Ant-Virus. If you have not installed Trend, you can do so by going to our Software Download site.

It is also good to complement with some alternative Anti-Spyware products such as:

Clean Up Internet Cache

Temporary Internet Files can consists of malicious files that pose a danger to your system. It's good practice to clean browser cache out on a regular basis to avoid possible problems. Here's the steps to do that in IE and Firefox:

Clean Up Internet Explorer

  1. Go to Start -> Programs -> Accessories -> System Tools -> Disk Cleanup.
  2. Make sure Temporary Internet Files is checked.
  3. You can optionally select other items such as Recycyle Bin if you like.
  4. Click OK.
  5. Answer Yes to question to confirm deletion.

Mozilla Firefox

  1. Launch Firefox.
  2. Go to Tools -> Options.
  3. Click on Privacy.
  4. Click on Clear Cache Now.

Your machine is now happy and clean! Safe Surfing!

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