Trend-Micro OfficeScan is the recommended virus scanning software for Clemson University. It is licensed for all University-owned computers, all currently enrolled students' computers, and any computer personally owned by a University employee.

Getting Trend-Micro

There are a couple of ways to acquire Trend-Micro software for your system. You can download it from You will need your Clemson username and password to download this software. If you are on campus logged in to Novell, you can install it by going to R:\software\Trend Micro. If you are a student with a laptop, you can bring your computer to the CCIT Support Center where Laptop Support can install Trend-Micro for you.

If you have McAfee installed from our previous license, you do not need to uninstall. The Trend-Micro install will automatically uninstall McAfee before installing Trend.

Installing Trend-Micro Anti-Virus Software

If you have anti-virus software already on your computer (other than Clemson's previous McAfee install), you must uninstall it first.

1. Launch the appropriate Trend-Micro install based on your role with the university. Faculty/Staff that are installing Trend on their home systems should use the home install otherwise please use the Faculty/Staff install for your work system.
2. If you are running the Faculty/Staff install, you might be prompted for your department number. Please input your department number within the text box using a leading zero if your number is 3 digits. This number is used to route your system to the appropiate management group on the server that coincides with your area of support.
Input department number
3. Student and home versions will bring up a Dos box that shows the progress of the install. Selecting the program from Add/Remove Programs
4. You might be prompted for administrator rights if installing from Windows7 or Vista. Look for a flashing prompt at the bottom of the screen on the taskbar and click on Yes to allow the install. Uninstalling McAfee
5. If you are installing this on a system that is off campus, please make a VPN connection to campus ( in order to check in the license. You only have to do this once at install time and the software is good for the life of the license.
Clemson's VPN Portal
6. Once installed, you should have a blue globe in the lower right hand corner of your task tray. Trend-Micro System Tray Icon


1. To uninstall, navigate to Start, Programs, Trend-Micro OfficeScan Client and click on Uninstall OfficeScan Client. Uninstall Link
2. If prompted, answer yes to give permission for the uninstall. Permission prompt
3. Trend should then proceed with the uninstall and close the window once the uninstall is complete. There should no longer be a globe in the lower right corner of the task tray if the uninstall was successful.
Trend uninstall screen

Updating Virus Definitions

To manually update your virus definitions, look for the Trend-Micro blue globe in the bottom right-hand corner of the computer screen. It should look like the icon to the right. Right-click on it and select Update Now. Select Update Now to perform the action. Trend-Micro will download the latest virus definitions. Click Close when finished.
Trend-Micro Scan Icon
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