You've Been Phished!

Don't feel embarrassed it happens to the best of us and we have protected you. 

First, you have landed at the right place, as we have set this site up and redirected you to it for your own safety.  Had we let you continue on to the real site you were attempting to go to, you might have unknowingly given up some confidential information.  You have landed on this page because the Office of Information Security and Privacy (OISP) has determined that the website you intended to go to was trying to collect your credentials or to conduct some other bad internet activity. To protect you, we have replaced the link you attempted to click on with this site.

Through the use of carefully crafted emails disguised as legitimate emails, the malicious user is trying to get you to enter some valid piece of information. These are called phishing emails or spear phishing emails.  Please delete the email that you opened that landed you to this site.

Hopefully in the future you will exercise extreme caution when clicking on links in emails that you receive.  If it is not from someone you know, or an email that is expected, you should always use extreme caution in opening it, and going to any site it takes you.  If that site asks you to enter credentials, please question it and if it is a site that you have a relationship with already, close the browser and type in the sites URL directly to access your resources with that site.

Clemson computing support staff will NEVER send out an email asking you to verify your account, or with links that take you directly to a portal asking you to login for such reasons. You can also check for the latest security issues being faced by the university at OISP.

Also, if you are not running the site licensed anti-virus software offered by Clemson, you can go to Clemson's Software Download Site to get it.

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