Hosting Services

CCIT provides Hosting Services that include consulting, server procurement, installation, administration, security, monitoring, backup and recovery services, as well as shared environments.

All hosted systems are housed and managed in a precision Data Center providing physical security, backup and recovery, conditioned power, as well as HVAC temperature control and ensuring circulation and filtration of the air to remove contaminants.

Server Hosting

Server Hosting provides consulting and needs assessment for servers. We can specify servers based on your needs and generate quotes based on your requirements.

Servers hosted in the CCIT Data Center are backed up to disk and stored securely both on and off-site. The CCIT Data Center is designed to function on a 24 hour, 7 day a week, 365 days per year basis.

This service offering includes the provisioning of:

  • Hosting Service; CCIT offers Physical Servers which are a dedicated type of hosting solution where the client leases an entire server which is not shared with any other entities. CCIT can also provide Virtual Servers which are server that appears as a dedicated server, but certain aspects of the hardware may be shared with other hosts for a reduced cost.
  • System Administration; this encompasses activities performed by a system administrator such as monitoring security, configuration, preventative maintenance, managing allocation of user accounts, disk and other system resource management, setting up new hardware, and installation and support of system software. System administration does not include the installation and support of application software.
  • Facilities Management; this specifically includes the provision of physical space in which to accommodate hardware, redundant power, redundant network connectivity, temperature controlled environment, backup and disaster recovery services, usage monitoring and lifecycle management, consulting services, and additional advice/support to the client.

Please see the following page for a listing of the Standard Hosting Terms and Conditions.

Data Storage Services

CCIT offers both Network Accessible Storage and Direct Attached Storage solutions. We have different storage options that can be used for Disaster Recovery or even individual file restoration.

CCIT will provide storage services and servers in a secure, controlled environment.  Support includes storage procurement and installation of hardware, OS installation, along with other ancillary applications such as firewalls as well as security patching, maintenance and monitoring. Backup and recovery services will be provided when included in storage service level.

Storage and Administration service provided:

  • Adding/modifying/removing system user accounts.
  • Monitoring file system and disk usage.
  • Monitoring system usage and availability
  • Performing regular data and system backups when included in storage service level, and periodically testing recovery procedures

Database Hosting

CCIT makes available to customers, by request, their own mySQL database that they can then administer themselves at no cost.

SQL database hosting is also available to Colleges and Departments. Hosting offers a number of options that are available with various costs associated. These costs are negotiated through a Service Level Agreement based on the customers needs.

SSL Certificates

SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) is the leading security protocol on the Internet. SSL is widely used in the form of digital certificates that do two things: validate the identity of a web site and to create an encrypted connection for transmitting private documents or personal data in a secured environment.

At Clemson, SSL Certificates are used in many applications as a means of verifying the identity or authenticity of a program, user or machine. The use most people see is in verifying the identity of web servers for secure (https) sessions. SSL certificate costs will be negotiated with the customer.


For more details or to get a cost estimate, you can email and someone from Hosting Services will contact you.

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