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Hosting Services

CCIT will provide OS hosting services and servers in a secure, controlled environment.  Support includes server procurement and installation of hardware, OS installation, along with other ancillary applications such as web servers and firewalls as well as security patching, maintenance, monitoring, and backup and recovery services.

Server Hosting and Administration service provides:

  • Operating system installation, upgrade and patching as needed.
  • Adding/modifying/removing system user accounts.
  • Monitoring file system and disk usage.
  • Monitoring system usage and availability
  • Provide any third party vendors with access for administration and oversight of the application server
  • Install security tools
  • Monitor for suspicious system activity
  • Performing regular data and system backups, and periodically testing recovery procedures
  • Documented procedures and best practices and troubleshooting
NOTE: Upgrades to systems hardware or lifecycle replacements will be considered as a new server installation and are not covered under this Service Level Agreement.


Customer Responsibilities

Assignment of an Applications Systems Administrator or Coordinator from the Customer area who:

  • Provides all necessary and requested documentation/information to CCIT prior to the start of any request for support of a new application.
  • Provides all necessary information needed for installing, testing, and deploying new system and integration components.
  • Identifies data recoverability requirements based on the risk to their business.
  • Understands the overall architecture of the system.
  • Coordinates changes across all components of the system.
  • Receives, answers, and resolves end-user questions and incidents and provides first point of contact as outlined under the Support Process.
  • Directs all support calls through the CCIT Network Operations Center as defined by the Support Process section of this document.
  • Escalates incidents to the vendor that can not be resolved by the Customer or CCIT.
  • Makes themselves available to work with the CCIT support resources assigned to the support request.
  • Ensures University compliance with the SC Public Records Law and Sarbanes-Oxley Act.
  • Trains employees on all departmental processes and procedures in a timely manner.
  • Budgets for initial and ongoing support, equipment and software upgrades and repairs (minimum 3 year lifecycle)
  • Coordinates with CCIT for the completion of annual server asset inventory document for server hardware that is Customer-owned.


Service Availability

Scheduled Maintenance
If downtime maintenance is required, CCIT will collaborate with the Customer on an acceptable timeframe and when possible will be scheduled during the published CCIT Maintenance Window time periods.  All maintenance and changes will be communicated through our Forward Schedule of Change Calendar:
Change Management
All changes to this service will be conducted under the CCIT Change Management procedures found at:

All attempts to provide a secure environment to our Customers will be taken.  The Customer and CCIT both realize that a secure environment is of mutual interest to both the Customer and CCIT, and that it will require both parties to practice secure computing.  To provide a high level of security, the Customer will need to understand and adhere to the following: 

•    The Customer agrees to comply with all Federal, State, and local laws as well as all Clemson University policies and procedures found at   The customer is responsible for periodically checking this location for any updates, additions or retractions of relevant IT policies and procedures.

•    The Customer is required to notify CCIT of any data that will be stored or manipulated either in static or transit state within each system hosted by CCIT on behalf of the customer that could reasonably be considered sensitive, restrictive, or otherwise confidential in nature.  Federal, state, and local laws as well as the customer preferences will determine the definition of sensitive, restrictive or confidential data elements.  Federal, State and Local laws will not be superseded over company preferences.

•    The Customer is required to notify CCIT, during the duration this SLA is effective or considered active, should the data type change to where data reasonably considered to be sensitive, restrictive, or otherwise confidential in nature is either introduced to or removed from the agreed to hosted environment.

•    If the Customer is remotely connecting or introduce other peripherals containing software to the environment hosted by CCIT, CCIT cannot be responsible for the security of the remote system or peripheral, and what it introduces to the hosted environment as an authenticated user, or what the user modifies while accessing the environment remotely or with a peripheral device. 

CCIT recognizes that certain data elements require different handling and notification procedures and are regulated more stringently  than other data types should an exposure or loss of data occur.  Understanding what data elements exist within our hosted environment and their location is key to notifying our customers.  Understanding the types of data within our system will allow us to modify and prioritize our monitoring systems to accommodate the various needs. 


Support Process

Incident Reporting
Users will report incidents requiring CCIT support by
•    Calling 864-656-3494 or
•    Emailing
      If the incident is time-sensitive, users should call the phone number above, rather than email. 

Unsatisfactory Service
Customers should contact CCIT Service Management by telephone at 864-656-7132 or by email at  if there is a need to meet and discuss unsatisfactory performance.


Annual Renewal

This Service Level Agreement will be renewed annually for up to four consecutive years.  At the end of the fourth year a new agreement will be drafted. Renewal of agreements will follow the Fiscal calendar of the university. Prior to the annual renewal, modifications to the service level agreement may only be made if mutually agreeable to both sides.  Any modifications will be included in a written amendment to this agreement signed by both parties. Either party may terminate this agreement by providing written notification to the other party ninety (90) days in advance of termination.
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