Availability Management Key Performance Indicators

Critical Success Factor:  Manage Availability and Reliability of IT Service

Key Performance Criteria:

  • percentage reduction in the unavailability of services and components
  • percentage increase in the reliability of services and components
  • effective review and follow-up of all SLA, OLA and underpinning contract breaches
  • percentage improvement in overall end-to-end availability of services
  • percentage reduction in the number and impact of service breaks
  • improvement in the MTBF (mean time between failures)
  • improvement in the MTBSI (mean time between system incidents)
  • reduction in the MTTR (mean time to repair).

Critical Success Criteria:  Satisfy Business Needs for Access to IT Services

Key Performance Indicators:

  • percentage reduction in the unavailability of services
  • percentage reduction of the cost of business overtime due to unavailable IT
  • percentage reduction in critical time failures, e.g. specific business peak and priority availability needs are planned for
  • percentage improvement in business and Users satisfied with service (by CSS results).

Critical Success Criteria:  Availability of IT Infrastructure, as Documented in SLAs, Provided at Optimum Costs.

Key Performance Indicators:

  • percentage reduction in the cost of unavailability
  • percentage improvement in the Service Delivery costs
  • timely completion of regular risk analysis and system review
  • timely completion of regular cost-benefit analysis established for infrastructure Component Failure Impact Analysis (CFIA)
  • percentage reduction in failures of third party performance on MTTR/MTBF against contract targets
  • reduced time taken to complete (or update) a risk analysis
  • reduced time taken to review system resilience
  • reduced time taken to complete an Availability Plan
  • timely production of management reports
  • percentage reduction in the incidence of operational reviews uncovering security and reliability exposures in application designs.
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