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CCIT wants to provide great customer service to all our students, faculty and staff, which can be a challenge in today’s economy.  To reach this goal, we need to know what we do right and what needs to be improved. To accomplish this, we have begun using a survey application from the Help Desk Institute called the Customer Satisfaction Index Service.

No matter how you contact us, we create a ticket in the TigerTracks support system. After this ticket is resolved, you may receive an email invitation to complete a survey to provide feedback for how your issue was handled. The survey will be sent from with the subject line "How well did CCIT serve you?"

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You will not receive a survey more than once per month. If you do not wish to receive these surveys at all, you may opt out by following the link provided at the bottom of the email message containing the survey invitation.

If you have any questions about these surveys, please email us at or call us at 864-656-3494. For general information about the Help Desk Institute's Customer Satisfaction Index Service, please visit their website at

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