TigerTracks Benefits

Customer Benefits:

Automated E-mail notification:  Customers receive automatic e-mail notification whenever an issue has been opened in their names and whenever the issue has been updated.

Online Self-Service:   Customers can login to FootPrints to open a new issue or to review the history of all open and closed issues in their names.

Global Issue Notification:  When multiple customers are affected by a similar issue - such as a network printer being offline - they can subscribe to receive notification when the issue is resolved.

Agent Benefits: 

Customizable Interface:  Department administrators can define shared views, while individual users can create views that help make them most efficient.

E-mail Alerts:  Rules can be created for e-mail notifications of critical support issues.

Searching:  Provides extensive search capabilities, including full text

Reporting Features:  Agents can view issues assigned to them as well as a summary of all active and closed issues.  Provides over a dozen pre-defined reports, including historical tracking, as well as customizable reporting.

Time Tracking:  Includes providing total time devoted to an issue.

Knowledgebases:  Allows users to create knowledgebases containing tips and solutions.

Create Global Issues:  Allows a wide-spread problem to be consolidated to that all individual issues are linked to it.

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