Getting Access to SCCM

Getting Access to System Center Configuration Manager

In order to get access to System Center Configuration Manager users must have an Organizational Unit (OU) created for thier department in Active Directory (AD) and be added to the SCCM Admins Group.

1. Submit an IT Help ticket to CCIT CSO Windows Windows group requesting that your AD OU and departmetal admin group be created.

   The typical structure for this OU is as follows

  • DEPT
    • Groups (groups for user rights management)
      • Deptadmins (default admin group for local admin rights and ou management)
    • Resources (OU for machine management.  Collection will not get created)
      • Computers (standard location for computers you can create sub ous for better separation and management)
      • Labs (Standard collection for labs)
        • Building
          • room
      • KIOSK (Standard collection for kiosk style computers)
        • Building
          • room
    • Users (OU for manually created users.  Now that AD is synced with central we discourage making user accounts in AD)

2.  Once the OU has been created submit an IT Help ticket to CCIT CRLT Imaging and PC Management requesting Access to System Center.