Software Center

CCIT Software Center provides easy access to software for student laptops at Clemson.

The following links describe the installation, initialization, and software center errors that may be encountered.


Installation refers to the process of installing CCIT Software Center after clicking on the CCIT Software Center installation executable.


Initialization refers to the process after completing the installation.  This is the part most likely to have issues.

CCIT Configuration and Setup

This is the configuration and setup or onboarding process.  This describes the process and potential workarounds for known issues.

Software Package Installation

Some software packages may fail to install.  There are many reasons this package could fail the first thing to do would be eliminate possible software center failures before diagnosing actual software installation problems.  Information on how to do this is available in this section.

Configuration Manager Control Panel Applet

This is the underlying control for software center which is actually System Center Configuration Manager.  There are some things to check on here if you are experience problems.