About TSP

This is a groups of campus IT support staff established to help provide extra support to campus faculty and staff. Seminars are often planned to enhance members' expertise.

TSP membership (~ 300 members) is divided into three groups: Consultants, Providers and Contacts.

Consultants (< 60 members, sometimes referred to as College Consultants) are members of a College or Division-level IT support group. A Lead Consultant serves as a primary representative in their areas for IT support and direction. Lead consultants can sponsor (or remove) providers or contacts or they can delegate this authority to others in their area.

Providers (< 190 members, also called Technical Support Providers or TSPs) are the staff who make support calls. They fix computers and/or coordinate people who do. Currently, the list of providers includes most college and departmental consultants and CCIT staff. Providers require a sponsorship from a Lead Consultant in a College or administrative area (see below for more details). The Provider update meetings are normally held monthly. There are exceptions, when the meeting dates are moved due to conflicts. Check here to confirm the next meeting time.

What are the benefits of membership in the TSP?

For Contacts, benefits will be the resources already included with the original TSP program, which include (but are not limited to) the following:

  • Addition to TSP-L, a discussion email list
  • Access to the TSP server with limited access to the software and others resources it contains
  • Limited access to licensed software on the Software Repository (campus R:/ drive)
  • Semesterly Core Classes on common IT subjects
  • Access to vendor presentations on new products
  • Notification of technical seminars

For Providers, the list of benefits is more robust and includes all of the Contact benefits plus the following:

  • Mini-courses on Clemson-specific tasks
  • Addition to CCIT_PROVIDERS-L Provider discussion email list
  • Access to the IUAdmin application
  • Access to TSP Update meetings and past meeting agendas
  • Access to special beta software
  • Netware space (on the campus T:/ drive) and access to Norton Ghost software to backup and restore PC's

So how do I join TSP?

If you want to join the TSP, there is a web form with the necessary information (see below). If you are interested in becoming named a Provider, you must be sponsored by a Lead Consultant or by a CCIT employee, depending on your location on campus. Contact the your Lead Consultant in your area for more information or, if you aren't sure who can sponsor you, send a message to deverau@clemson.edu.

Click here for the TSP membership form.

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