Benefits of TSP Membership

Providers get all the benefits of a Technical Support Contact plus the below:

  • Specialized mini-courses for Clemson systems
  • In addition to TSP Update Meeting archives, Providers can attend TSP Update Meetings
  • Netware space (campus T:/ drive) and access to Norton Ghost to backup and restore PC's
  • Access to special beta software (via the T:/ drive)
  • Access to the software repository (campus R:/ drive) for common installations
  • Access to the CCIT ticketing system (TigerTracks) for submitting calls
  • Expanded roles to NDS administration via IUAdmin (password resets, disk quota changes, etc.)
  • Access to DSS phone numbers for assistance
  • Access to the CCIT Viruslist for dynamically checking possible infections and IP blocks
  • Access to Ghost image library for past and current BigBuy images (via the T:/ drive)

Applications available to Providers: