Licensed Media Request Form

This form allow you to request access to a variety of software under the conditions of any campus agreement. Access is only given to TSP and you are required to take the License core course for TSP program within six months of this request.


  1. Items in orange are required.
  2. You can specify up to 5 TSPs who need access. If you need access for more than 5 TSPs, please send a message to
  3. Setup can take up to 48 hours.
  4. All TSPs must have an employee ID.

TSP Information

Name Username Office Phone

Requestor Information

Department Name
Department Number
Dept Requestor Name
Requestor Phone Number
Requestor E-mail Address

Department Name/Department Number - required for processing your order

Department Requestor Name - the person responsible for coordinating the request

Request Phone Number - is required to verify that the order was sent by the appropriate party; a return phone call may be made to verify the request

Please select the licenses to which you want to have access. By choosing a software product, you are indicating that you will follow the terms of their license agreements.

 Microsoft Office (via Campus Agreement)  Adobe Products
 Other Microsoft Products (via Select)  Goudy Font
 Microsoft Windows (via Campus Agreement)  AutoCAD Products
 FileMaker  SPSS Products
Transend Migrator Mail Converter (list each customer in the TSP section above for whom client will be installed and email converted) PC-SAS Products

Other Software Media Notes

Additional Notes