TSP Meeting Times and Schedules

There are several meetings which are part of the Technical Support Program:

Consultant Weekly Status Summary (CWSS) meetings

10:30 AM Every Friday (with some exceptions), Barre 222
This was called the Consultant Meeting or College Consultants Meeting. This meeting for all support areas to learn about the past and incoming weekly IT news, changes, and status. Meetings are informal round-robin-style and participants are given the opportunity to ask questions to CCIT Staff from Security, Operations, Network, and Smart Classrooms units.

Monthly TSP Update Meetings

Held every Second Monday of the Month at 3:00 PM, Student Senate Chambers
Meeting is monthly is considered an update meeting for all Providers. Meeting notes are archived on the TSP website and Super Topic (usually only one or two per meetings) are presented and discussed. Consultants are invited. Recently, we have started recording the TSP Update Meeting on the echo360 Server. Here is the notices for the next TSP Update Meeting and the last Meeting Notes.

Here is the Schedule for next Super Topics for this semester (subject to change):

  • February - TigerTracks Update and Discussion
  • March - TSP Assessment Results and Changes
  • April - Laptop Recommendations
  • May - Licensing Overview
  • June - Web Standards Discussion

For recorded sessions of the TSP Update Meeting click here.

IT Advocate Meetings (ITAM, formerly DSP or Lead Consultants Meeting)

9 AM, the first Wednesday of month - for Lead consultants, Barre 222 Room with PolyCom
This monthly is for the Lead Consultants in School/College were topics are previewed/discussed more in depth in than the other Weekly and TSP Meetings. We do bring speakers on topics based the needs of the leads in the group. Meeting notes are sent to all participants which overview Changes, Outages, and Issues for the previous month meeting.

Other Communication Tools

For all TSP Members
Announcement List, Moderated by TSP Admin.
CCIT_TSP_Providers-L (Provider List)

Open Discussion about Technical Subjects
There are also Mailing list for Consultants (CCIT_TSP_CONSULTANTS-L) and Contacts (CCIT_TSP_CONTACTS-L).

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