Recordings and Presentations

TSP Update Meetings

April TSP Update Meeting - Watch Recorded
Echo for the term 2011 Spring, course TSP Recordings, section TSP captured at 2011-04-1115:20 is now available.

March TSP Update Meeting - Watch Recorded
Super Topic: Managed Print Services Discussion (Mike Nebesky) & TSP Update and Program Changes (Bobby Clark). Audio quality was low for some parts of the discussion.

February TSP Update Meeting - Watch Recorded
Super Topic: TigerTracks Updates and Discussion Tim Howard, IT Efficiency and Service Management, covered new TigerTracks version 10.5 for the Summer, using the TT KB on the web, using of email to update tickets, and an early look at Dashboards for DDS Groups.

January TSP Update Meeting - Watch Recorded
Super Topic: New Features and Overview of New Adobe Connect Update: new version was discussed with overview those new features and capabilities.
Encore Presentation: Bots - Deception and Detection: This class discussed the nature of today's bot malware, the methods it uses for infection and communication, and the challenges it presents to all of us. Presentation is on TSP Server in Courses/TSP Updates.

November TSP Update Meeting - Watch Recorded
Super Topic: AD and SCCM Configuration Manager.
Presentation by Bobby Clark, Derek Thompson, Sam Beckler, Theo Harrison, David Buckley.

Other Presentations

Campus Licensing Overview - Watch Recorded
This overview was required for all providers and provides information how to install and support licenses on campus.

Five-minute Overview of MyCentral from Craig Baker - Watch Recorded
This is compacted overview the more in detail demo that was done in December 2010 TSP Update Meeting. See the Reminder below which quick summary of the information.

iManager Recordings: Matt Lilli has recorded four overview sessions on iManager.

The (At Least) Ten Things You Should Know About IPv6 - Watch Recorded
Presented by Dan Schmiedt.

TSP Information Session - Trend Micro Antivirus Overview - Watch Recorded
Presented by Theo Harrison, David Buckley, Sam Beckler, Bryan Lee, and Deveraux Williams.

TSP Information Session - Additional Trend Micro Tools - Watch Recorded
Presented by David Buckley and Deveraux Williams.