Membership Request Form

This form allows you to request membership in the Technical Support Program. Please be prepared to take the TSP Core Courses when they are available.


  1. Setup or your new rights can take up to 2 business days.
  2. All username provided must be employee username.
  3. You must provide valid department numbers.
  4. Providers/Consultants must be sponsored by a Lead Consultant (refer to the list of consultants in the list on the left).

TSP Information

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What type of membership are you requesting?

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Window (32-bit) Servers (any type) MacOS 10.4 or below Linux
Windows (64-bit) PDAs (any type) MacOS X 10.5 Other UNIX
MacOS X 10.6

If yes, please describe:

Approximately how many machines do you support? (If not applicable put "0" here.)

Sponsor Information

This informattion is required to confirm your request to be a TSP Provider. The Sponsor must be a Lead Consultant or their designee to sponsor new Providers.

Note: This section is not required for Contacts.

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