New: Better security on Clemson Box folders

A change has been made to the default setting on Clemson Box folders. If you click on Share to share a folder - and then send out the URL for that folder - only current Collaborators will be able to see the folder by default. If you want others (perhaps students who do not have Box accounts) to see the folder, you can change the setting back to "Open" - then anyone with the link will see the folder. This will impact previously shared folders - so users may need to go back and change that setting.

Box Folder Share

What is Box?

Box is a cloud storage solution adopted by Clemson as a location where users may store or share files.

How do I get a Clemson Box account?

In order to use Box for cloud storage, users with a valid Clemson username may log in to  The first time they do this, they will be asked for a Clemson username and password.  Their new account will then be created. 

These products have been branded to incorporate the Clemson logo and provide users with a custom portal to Box.

How much storage will I get?

All Clemson account users will have up to 50 GB of storage.

Can I sync my Box files to my computer and mobile devices?

Yes.  You can download Box Sync for Windows or Mac from the Box App store.  Once you log in to, in the upper right hand corner you will see your name.  Click on the gear beside your name, and select "Get Box Sync".  It will take you to the Box apps.  Download the Box Sync app for your operating system. 

Box Gear

After installing you will see this screen:

Box Sync Log In

Put in your Clemson email address (, click on "Use my company's single sign-on credentials", Submit.  You will be given a Clemson log in screen where you will put in your Clemson username and password.  After this, your files will sync to a folder on your computer and you may use drag and drop to access them.   Look in your Documents (Windows) or Finder (Mac) for a Box documents folder.

There are also apps for most of the popular mobile devices.

Frequently Asked Questions

I am getting a request to change my password that is not a Clemson log in screen.  I thought I had to log in through the Clemson log in screen.  What should I do?
Go to If it asks for your user name, put in your Clemson user  Invent a new password and repeat. Log out and close your browser. Open a browser and go to It should now give you the Clemson log in screen where you will put your Clemson user name and Clemson password (not the new one you just invented).

How long to items remain in the trash?
30 days.

How many versions are kept for edited files?
10 versions.

How long are old versions of files kept?
Until they are overwritten. For example, if a file has ten versions, the oldest version will no longer be available the next time a new version is saved.

Will I keep my Clemson Box account after I graduate or retire from Clemson?
No. You will be given the option to transition to a public Box account. Depending on how much storage you need, you might be offered additional storage for a nominal fee.

Is it okay to store senstive data in my Clemson Box account?
It is not recommended that you store sensitive data containing such things as social security numbers, bank account numbers, passwords, etc. on Box.

Can groups get a Box account?
Currently only individuals can get a Clemson Box account.  But you can share folders with groups (Clemson or outside of Clemson users). 

My private folder is visible by non-collaborators because I once shared it via a link. How can I prevent that from happening? 
 Click on the gear in the upper right hand corner and select "Content & Sharing".  Under "Default new links to:", change if from "Open" to "Collaborators Only".

I can no longer log in to because it asks me to reset my password. I thought it was using our Clemson password?
There are actually two passwords - the main Box password is tied to your account. There is also an internal password that you should not have to use. But if you get a message asking you to change your password, close the browser. Then reopen and go to  Create a new password there.  This should fix the problem.  However, you will not use it to log in to Box in the future.  It will continue to show you the Clemson log in page where you use your Clemson user name and your Clemson password when you enter Clemson Box.

Do we offer Instructor Led training for Box?

Yes.  Go to to see current offerings or submit a request to for assistance with Box.  Note there are three related courses:

  • Clemson Box Storage - helps you get setup with Clemson Box
  • Cloud Personal Storage - overview of several cloud storage solutions including Box, Google Drive, SkyDrive, and DropBox
  • Convert your U: drive web site to a Google Site -  will help you with moving away from using your U: drive site

Additional Resources

To learn about the Internet2 NET+ Box program, go to

Box Community and Help Pages (with tutorials)

Box Videos

For Box technical support create a Box ticket.

Please review the information linked for details and help using the tools. If you have additional questions, please contact the CCIT Help Desk by email at