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What is GarageBand®?

GarageBand® is a multitrack audio editing software application.  GarageBand® can be used to record and edit audio clips from both people and musical instruments.  You can also pull in Jingles and Photos from your Mac to create an enhanced podcast.  You can record real audio pieces, play with software instruments, create parts using Apple Loops, add effects, mix your music and play it all back with iTunes® or include in your iMovies.  These audio clips can be saved in multiple formats (.AAC,.MP3, .MP4, .MOV).  MP3 is a common file format for audio podcasts and MP4 is a common file format for video podcasts.  GarageBand® is only available for Mac and its feature set may vary based on version. 

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Is there a cost associated with GarageBand®?

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GarageBand® is an application in the iLife® suite. Most Mac computers come with the iLife® suite. If you have an older Mac that does not have iLife® or if you would like to upgrade your iLife® suite to the latest version, you can visit the new Clemson Apple Store on the Clemson University campus at the Edgar A. Brown University Union or buy it at the Apple Store online for between $59 -$79.

You may also have additional expenses for the following items:

  • An external microphone
  • A digital video camera
  • A IEEE 1394 to 6-Pin Firewire cable

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Can I download GarageBand®?

No. You can purchase the iLife® '08 suite from the Clemson Apple Store on campus at the Edgar A. Brown University Union or buy it at the Apple Store online for between $59 -$79. 

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How do I use GarageBand®?

There are multiple versions of GarageBand®. Listed below are tutorials and help documentation on how to use GarageBand® '06 and GarageBand® '08.

GarageBand® '06

  • GarageBand® '06 Support: Working with Podcasts (.HTM)
  • GarageBand® '06 Getting Started (.PDF)
  • GarageBand® '06 Hot Tips (.HTM)
  • GarageBand® '06 Keyboard Shortcuts (.HTM)
  • GarageBand® '06 Tutorials (.HTM)

GarageBand® '08

  • GarageBand® Getting Started Guide (.PDF)
  • GarageBand® '08 Video Tutorials (.MOV)
  • Mac 101: GarageBand® (.HTM)
  • Apple Support for GarageBand® (.HTM)
  • New Features of GarageBand® '09 (.HTM)
  • GarageBand® '08 Getting Started (.PDF)
  • Exporting Songs from GarageBand® to iTunes® (.HTM)
  • Exporting Keynote® to GarageBand® (.HTM)
  • Apple Keynote® Tutorials (.HTM)

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Frequently Asked Questions

Review the Apple GarageBand® Discussion forums to review frequently asked questions regarding GarageBand®.

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Do we offer Instructor-Led training for GarageBand®?

Yes. CCIT currently offers one-on-one instructor led training for employees. Please email to schedule training.

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System Requirements

Review the iLife '09 System Requirements.

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Additional GarageBand® Resources

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