Adobe® Presenter

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What is Adobe® Presenter?

Adobe® Presenter is a plug-in for Microsoft PowerPoint that enables instructors and course developers to add audio narration and interactive features to their presentations. Additional features that can be included are video, flash animations, self-check quizzes and surveys. Once development is complete the presentation can be published for web or portable media(such as CD-ROM/DVD) distribution.

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Is there a cost associated with Adobe® Presenter?

A limited number of licenses of Adobe® Presenter 8 are available upon request to faculty and staff who teach online at Clemson University.

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Where do I download the Adobe® Presenter Plug-in?

Faculty will be provided instructions for downloading and installing the Adobe® Presenter 8 plug-in after training.
Students can download a 30-day trial version of Adobe® Presenter to use for projects from the Adobe® website.

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How do I use Adobe® Presenter?

Adobe® Presenter 10

  • Adobe® Presenter 8 Documentation (.PDF)
  • Adobe® Presenter 10 Tutorials (.HTML)

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Review the Adobe® Presenter FAQs, the Adobe® Acrobat User Community or the Acrobat® Connect™ Pro User Community for assistance with frequently asked questions.

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Do we offer Instructor-Led training for Adobe® Presenter?

Yes. CCIT currently offers instructor-led training for employees. Please view our training calendar to register for these available classes. Email for one-on-one training.

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System Requirements for Adobe® Presenter

Review the Adobe Presenter 10 System Requirements.

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