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For support:

Students: Call (844) 224-9760 (toll free number). This line is open 24/7 to answer all basic questions.  International Students can use the International Support Number below.

International Students (Outside US and Canada): 1-617-658-2879

Instructors: Please use for all support communications with Software Secure regarding Remote Proctor Now.  For assistance in setting up exams and establishing an account email

Remote Proctor NOW is a cloud-based (SaaS) solution for secure online examination delivery. Using a standard computer webcam with a high speed internet connection, students now have the ability to take a proctored exam online affordably – anytime, anywhere. Flexible and easy to implement, Remote Proctor NOW is suitable for any group size, from one test instance to thousands and can be easily integrated into any learning management or test delivery system.

Built to protect exam integrity, Remote Proctor NOW authenticates the identity of the test taker and captures the entire exam session which is later reviewed by certified proctors. A report is provided to the institution with links to the actual video of any suspicious behavior. Remote Proctor NOW makes it possible for any organization to achieve greater efficiency, lower costs, provide a level playing field, and above all – deliver convenience without compromising exam integrity.

See more on their site.

Is there a cost associated with Remote Proctor NOW?

Yes. There is a cost associated with Remote Proctor NOW. It is charged per exam for each student. Paying Online cost is $12; Paying at the Bookstore cost is $15.

How do I download Remote Proctor NOW?

Students: Click here and you will find our System Check to ensure that the students computer meets the minimum requirements to use RPNow. Once past the System Check, the student is directed to the software install page. Here they just need to click on the icon to begin the download.

How do I use Remote Proctor NOW?

Instructor Resources

  • Exam Sponsor Guide (.PDF
  • RPNow Student Welcome Email (.DOC)
  • Exam Review Explanations (.PDF

Student Resources

  • Exam Policy Template (.DOC
  • Exam Taker Quick Guide (.PDF)
  • RPNow User Notification Guide (.PDF)
  • Video Tutorials for Mac and PC

Students: Dual monitors are not supported. You *must* unplug the device before trying to use the software, or you will get an error message and must re-attempt to use the software.

Do we offer Instructor-Led Training for the Remote Proctor NOW?

There will be a 45 minute online session to get acquainted with the program. 

Frequently Asked Questions

If you are having issues with Remote Proctor, Remote Proctor Now offers an extensive Knowledgebase of Frequently asked questions. If you have more questions visit their website here and if you cannot resolve the issue on your own you can always contact Remote Proctor Now directly for support.

What are the system requirements for Remote Proctor NOW?

Click here to find out the system requirements for Remote Proctor NOW.

Additional Remote Proctor NOW Resources

Students: Call (844) 224-9760 (toll free number). International Students can use the International Support Number below.

International Students (Outside US and Canada): 1-617-658-2879

This line is open 24/7 to answer all basic questions. Technical issues, however, require an escalation. These questions will be monitored from 8AM-10PM ET, M-F, and 10AM-4PM ET on weekends, by our in-house Level-two staff. Level-two is closed on all major USA holidays. International support is available via Chat and our web-ticket system.

Instructors: Please use for all email communications. This distribution list will ensure that Support and Professional Services will all be included in all emails so that we can react in a timely manner to any requests.NOTE: this link is for use by administrators and faculty members as needed and is not intended for use by students requesting support.

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