Student Computing Orientation

Getting Started

Clemson University provides its students with an extensive set of computing resources. Your Clemson University Network Account provides you with access to:

  • Email
  • Network Storage Space
  • Student Web Space
  • MyCLE (also known as Blackboard)
  • Access to computers in our campus labs
  • Network Printing

Simply follow these steps to get started:

Step 1. Read the Policy on Information Resources for Students.

Step 2. Get your XID.

This is your Clemson University Identification Number. It’s a unique, eight-digit number that serves as your student ID number. You should have received your XID number and a six-digit activation code to your Email that has been mentioned in the admission application.

Step 3. Lookup your Network Account Login Information.

Upon acceptance, you are assigned a Clemson University computer user identification. This is a permanent, unique-to-you identifier that you will use every time you access the Clemson computer network. You may also see or hear it referred to as your Username.

This also designates your official Clemson University email address (for example,, where “Jones2” is your USERNAME). All students have to complete the onboarding process to obtain the Username and set the password. This can be done by visiting and entering the XID number and the activation code in the designated areas. You will be shown your Username and will be asked to set the password. You are advised to make a note of the password, which is known only to you, in case it is forgotten due to any reason.

Should you misplace any of the above mentioned documents, you can contact the CCIT Support Center at or (864)656-3494.

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